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Koryu Hall

Interchange Hall

Koryu Hall (Cultural Exchange Square) Outline

The cultural exchange square includes many various facilities. They include the Koryu Hall where a variety of events such as exhibitions or social dancing are held, an information/ticket counter that offers information on the Japanese and Western music of Ishikawa, a music reading room where CDs and DVDs can be enjoyed and rehearsal rooms.

The cultural exchange square, located on the first (1F) and basement (B1) floors of the Ongakudo, serves as a transit passage between the Concert Hall, Hogaku Hall and the eastern plaza of the train station. The square is always filled with the vigorous comings and goings of people.
Traditional Japanese and Western music stimulate each other in this atmosphere, creating new cultural motifs and promoting wide ranging cultural exchanges. People eagerly come together here, forming a key point from which to launch the culture of Ishikawa.

Interchange Hall First Floor Layout(1F) Interchange Hall Basement Level Layout(B1) Ongakudo Side View