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Hogaku Hall

Hougaku Hall

Hogaku Hall Outline

The Hogaku Hall provides a location for the acquirement, announcement and appreciation of Hogaku (traditional music). It is also the venue for such traditional performances as kabuki (traditional theater) and bunraku (traditional puppet theatre). The hall promotes and develops traditional arts and culture that exists in Ishikawa, and provides the chance to encounter other various arts directly. The atmosphere is suitable for appreciating the art of a gem cultivated for many years with excellent acoustics, high sound performance and an impressive sense of reality. It is possible to taste fully and satisfactorily the tradition and formality of classical Japanese theatrical arts.


The proscenium configuration stage facilitates are professional, particularly such attributes as a turntable stage, stage lift and a movable ramp leading to the stage. The stage can be widely used for Japanese dance and Hogaku as well as kabuki and bunnraku. The stage creates dynamic effects and charms the audience with impressive sounds through an assembly of echo boards.


A low stage area covered with tatami (Japanese reed mats) as well as a bar for serving drinks are located in the corner of the 2 floor foyer. The foyer space raises a feeling of expectation before the curtain goes up and provides an extension of the performance between and after the plays. This space also provides the audience with a place to mingle before and after the shows.

Hall Configuration

The stage and main level of the Hogaku Hall is located on the second floor of the Ongakudo, and the Hogaku Hall extends upward another level. The audience seating is composed of the first level seats and boxes, and the second level seats, and balconies. Seating capacity is 691 when the hanamichi stage extension is used and 720 when it is not. This includes are 40 Japanese style box seats (sajiki) with five wheelchair spaces. Dressing rooms are on the same level as the stage and the level above the stage, with a total of nine rooms, including six Japanese-style and three Western-style rooms. All rooms are fully equipped with large mirrors and TV monitors. There are traditional Japanese music (Hogaku) rehearsal rooms, stage setting production rooms, VIP sponsor waiting rooms and Japanese-style rooms with wooden-plank floors. Bathrooms and hot water service rooms are located on each floor, washing rooms are on the second floor. There is a cloakroom and kiosk in the lobby of the first level entrance hall for the convenience of the public.

Hougaku Hall Sectional view
DesignJapanese-style proscenium stag
Reverb Time0.8-1.2 seconds (for full house)
Ambient Noiseless than NC-20
Seating720 seats
691 seats (with the hanamichi stage extension in place)
Including 40 traditional box seats / 5 wheelchair spaces.
Dressing RoomsSix Japanese-style rooms and threeWestern-style rooms all with large mirrors and TV monitors.
Other FacilitiesHogaku rehearsal room, stage setting production room, VIP sponsor waiting room, bar, bathroom, washing room, cloakroom, kiosk and lobbies, etc.